November 2015

National Launch

Mobile Service

Share Solavei with 6 of your family or friends to get FREE Mobile Service!

Free Phone Service – Share Solavei with 6 people to get Free Mobile Service

Business Opportunity

Solavei makes referral marketing easy with proven tools, great financial rewards and a supportive and enthusiastic community. Simply share Solavei’s 4G LTE Plans with the millions of mobile users looking for a better deal.

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What is Solavei?

We offer great mobile service at a great price. Want it for less? Share Solavei with others to get it for FREE. Want a bigger opportunity? Become a Brand Partner to build a business, access proven mobile referral tools and receive guidance from successful leaders.

Unlimited Earning Opportunity

Financially benefit from the fast-growing trends of social media, mobile and referral marketing, with Solavei's powerful mobile sharing platform that puts the power of referral marketing in the palm of your hand.

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What is Solavei? Unlimited Data & Opportunity

Data + Voice + Text

Unlimited Data, Voice and Text on a leading nationwide 4G LTE network starts at $29/month, with other great rate plans to choose from. Find the best prepaid plan for you.

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Unlimited Data, Voice, and Text

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Same access to carriers’ networks, but without the contract and fees
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Flexibility to use your own GSM phone
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