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Become a Solavei Brand Partner

There are over 300 million mobile phone users in the U.S.—and most of them are paying too much for mobile service when they don't have to! Now Solavei makes it possible for you to financially benefit by helping people save on great mobile service, when you become a Solavei Brand Partner.

Think about it: everyone you know uses mobile service every day—after all, our phones keep us connected to what's important in our lives. Now imagine that you could earn income every time someone signs up for mobile service—and then earn every month when they pay their mobile phone bill. You can, with Solavei.

Solavei is the first company to combine three proven industries: social media + referral marketing + mobile service. We have invested tens of millions of dollars into creating powerful referral marketing technology that empowers our Brand Partners to create a successful business—it's like having your own mobile service store in the palm of your hand!

Ready to create a brighter financial future? Take a moment to discover how starting your own Solavei business can positively impact your life.

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Advantages of Owning Your Own Solavei Business

  • Well Established Product 300 Million people use mobile phones in the U.S. today - most of whom pay too much for service.
  • Powerful, Proven Business Model Relationship marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry based on personal relationships you already have and with all of the connections each of us have through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, our relationships continue to expand everyday.
  • Mobile-Based Solavei's mobile sharing platform helps you connect to friends and family and earn income by referring Solavei to others. Build and manage your business from anywhere!
  • Leveraged Residual Income Enjoy residual income from your efforts and other's in your network.
Solavei Mercedes Club

Rewards & Recognition

Solavei understands the importance of acknowledging and incentivizing our Brand Partners' efforts, so we established a robust and inspiring Rewards & Recognition program. Our Brand Partners can earn cash bonuses, exotic vacations, a Mercedes and more!

What can you achieve? Your level of success and the resulting recognition and rewards you receive, is entirely up to one person: you.

Brand Partner Systems

Enroll as a Brand Partner and you'll receive this Solavei Brand Partner System, with everything you need to build a successful Solavei business. Get the tools, resources, training and guidance to start earning fast.

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