Solavei for Everyone
The Solavei Member Community helps you get the most out of Solavei, and you can access it from your laptop, tablet, and your Solavei phone with the Solavei App for Android phones. Even if you’re not using our Android app, you can still get the same experience through your desktop or mobile browser.

The essential tools for Solavei members

Available for Android™ phones, the Solavei app allows you to enroll new members, view your earnings dashboard, connect with your personal network, and more, right from your Solavei phone. Find the app at Google Play™ on your Android phone or download it to your computer.

Use the App to:

  • Enroll your friends and family for Solavei Mobile Service on the spot.
  • Make your Solavei Mobile Service payment from your mobile phone.
  • Track your Personal Network activity and projected progress.
  • Socialize with other members by posting in the Solavei Community feed.
  • Instantly invite friends and family to learn more about Solavei.
  • Keep up-to-date with Solavei announcements.